Altitude Adjustment – Synopsis

Be careful what you wish for—you just might get it. After dreaming for years about living in a beautiful resort town, Emily Eddins and her husband moved in a post 9/11 panic from Washington, D.C., to peaceful Truckee, a small mountain-town in California. They quickly learned that their dreams may have been misguided. Altitude Adjustment is a collection of humorous vignettes that reveal Emily’s wry take on life in a quirky ski town.

This modern-day cautionary tale details a series of athletic and social slip-ups that Emily never could have imagined before moving to her winter wonderland. A marginally sporty, uptight urbanite, Emily was shocked to discover she could not compete physically or socially in a culture that places a premium on outdoor fitness above all else.

Anyone who has contemplated making the move from big-city life to a small town can appreciate the author’s experience of loneliness, anxiety, and self-doubt in her new community of 14,000 residents. After all, it’s not easy to fit in when you’re a thirty-something fresh from the asphalt jungle.